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Policy on Protection of personal information

Enacted on April 1st 2012
Hirakawa Corporation
Shinichi Hirakawa, President

HIRAKAWA has acknowledged our responsibility in handling personal information properly, knowing such information as important assets in the advanced information and communications society nowadays. Thus we declare that we will make our best effort to protect personal information based on policy stated hereafter.

Article 1 Compliance with law and regulations of personal information
We will comply with laws of personal information protection and its relevant regulations, rules and make our utmost effort in handling personal information.
Article 2 Obtaining personal information
We will obtain personal information in appropriate/fair manner through our effort in identifying its purpose of usage when acquiring personal information.
Article 3 Use of personal information
All personal information will be handled within the range of its intended use, as far as it is necessary to do in line with business work. In case of handling personal information shared with a third party or entrusting to them, we will observe that the said party use personal information in proper way.
Article 4 Providing personal information to a third party
We will not provide a third party with personal information without obtaining the prior consent of the person, otherwise the law governs its priority except as otherwise requested by law.
Article 5 Control of personal information
We will take necessary and reasonable measures for realizing information security, in order for us to prevent lost, falsification or leakage of personal inforatmion as well as controlling information safely, keeping personal information precise and updated.
Article 6 Disclose /Amendment/ Stop use/ Deletion of personal information
Should any individual request that his or her personal information be disclosed, revised, not to be used, or deleted, we will comply with that request with a reasonable period of time, by setting up an inquiry desk in the office.
Article 7 Organization/Structure
We will develop structure to handle personal information in appropriate manner, and will also control personal information in proper way for business work.
Article 8 Execution/Enforcement of personal information protection compliance program
We will develop a personal information protection program to comply with the policy on the protection of personal information, and ensure that all employees are made aware of such policy by performing educational program. We will continuously review and strive to improve the contents of the policy.


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