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We are pleased to provide you with procedure/channel when you take opportunity of selling materials, components to Hirakawa. We do always welcome your proposal/inquiries/suggestion.

Basic Procurement Policy

As a specialist in boilers/environmental equipment, we define our policy that contributes to social activity by developing products & services, which increase energy-efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. And we aim to develop good products with supplier’s support.

■Equal opportunities in fair procurement

We provide business opportunities in an open manner to suppliers from around the world. Priority shall be given to companies satisfying the following criteria for transaction: Appropriate quality, price, delivery lead time, technical advantage, and providing effective solution.

■Mutual beneficial partnership based on mutual trust

Building trusted relationship is “must” through close and intensive communication. We shall endeavor to create mutual growth with fair transactions based on mutual trust.

■Respect for the environment

In collaboration with our suppliers, we shall put our great effort on purchasing eco-friendly components. That stands for our actual movement in reducing environmental impacts.

■Contributions to our society

Through transactions with you, we shall acknowledge that we each other are equally reliable partner for realizing social contributions.

Main products to purchase

Steel materials carbon steel, stainless steel, anti-sulfur acid steel plate, or other type of steel material
Tubes carbon steel tube, stainless steel tube, anti-sulfur acid steel tube, copper tube or any special material tubes
Fittings fittings for steel piping (screwed, welded), special joints, flexible tubes etc.
Valves valves(ball, gate, check, three-way), motor operated valve,
safety valve, pressure reducing valve, needle valve, butterfly valve, strainer, steam trap, ball tapping etc.
Motors fans for boilers
Refractory bricks Insulators refractory bricks, insulators
Insulation materials heat insulation material, insulated lagging material
Paint painting, coating material
Others Gasket, sealant, caulking compound, belt, pulley, coupling, exhaust piping, silencer, bolt & nut, anchor bolt, mounting bracket, wrapping & packaging materials, safety sign panel, material for safe-guard

Process flow to start business transactions

your proposalFill in our inquiry form and send it on our web site
Evaluating your proposal by our procurement dept

Your company profile, annual report may be required when necessary after our reviewing your proposal

Request for QuotationProviding you with our specific inquiries
Submission of your quotation with specification

To submit your quotation as per our requirement by due date

Evaluating your quotation with specificationCareful evaluation on your Quotation to be made
Discussions on pricing policy, delivery lead time

Document supplement or your additional presentation may be required when necessary

Order intention
Business contract agreement to seal

Mutual agreement on the contract is required based on our format

Purchase order to issueOur purchase dept. to place an order with you
Inquiry form for procurement
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