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History of HIRAKAWA

Our achievement and perspective

Back to year 1912 when Japan was accelerating toward industrialization, we HIRAKAWA was established in Osaka.
Now we have reached at 100th anniversary on April 1st 2012 with dedicating our core energy into “boiler”, believing that doing so leads to growth of our country surrounded with limited natural resources.
Along with high economic growth period after the World War II, we have played a key role as a leading company in boiler business by supplying high quality boilers to not only major companies but also every customer who require it meeting their applications. In 1953, we developed the first Japan-made fire tube boiler named MP100 series, that’s the beginning of MP boiler “brand” which has been still continuing in the market. In 1981, the number of orders with us had reached at 10,000 units, since then, we are steadily accumulating our production output of steam boilers as well as hot-water boilers.
In 2004, we set up Boiler Technology Development Center (B-TEC) in Shiga Plant as the first R&D experimental laboratory specializing in boiler technology in Japan, aiming for conducting research and test together with our customers, while we are focusing on possible applications of practical usage of steam and thermal energy.
From now on, we would like to be the one: always seeking for customer’s needs & wants, developing products based on demand from customer’s side, then be the one who brings benefits to our society.

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