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Message from the President

Even after 100 years, the evolution of HIRAKAWA continues

Since our establishment in 1912, we have contributed to worldwide growth as a leader in the boiler industry, while developing the first fire tube boiler in Japan, steadily supplying the market with boilers which is indispensable to industrial development, and developing products responding to customer needs. With our 100th anniversary, we changed our company name from Hirakawa Guidom Corporation to Hirakawa Corporation on April 1, 2012 in order to achieve more broad recognition by customers and society, and to accelerate our progress globally.
We consider it our mission to be always helpful to our customers and satisfy our customers through our safe, reliable products and services. Just as you rely on our boilers to tirelessly perform, you can depend on HIRAKAWA’s dedication to pursue ongoing boiler innovation.

President Shinichi Hirakawa
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