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Energy-saving diagnosis

HIRAKAWA as a boiler specialist proposes optimal boiler solution

In case what you think it necessary……
Consult HIRAKAWA and Use our energy-saving diagnosis

Energy-saving needs to be conducted, but no idea how to do it
No approved technicians available here
While promoting energy-saving movement, specialist from outside must help our system check/analyze
Updating a new technology & device for energy-saving should be essential

We welcome your request which relates to factory, industrial building, any business segment or construction


HIRAKAWA offers the following items as energy-saving diagnosis


Boiler load analysis
Provide customers with solutions for energy-saving by analyzing the result measured by our original portable data logger temporarily installed in their boilers to measure actual local function and boiler performance.

Heat source usage survey
Provide customers with total energy-saving solutions by analyzing their whole heat usage together with heat source including boilers.


Analyzing daily boiler operation report
With checking your daily boiler operation report, we analyze your current operating status (evaporating volume, boiler load ratio, boiler efficiency ratio) and we propose what can lead to energy-saving.


Provide the best solution to our clients who has its own needs and issues, after sufficient consultation.

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