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Boiler maintenance contracts for safety and carefree use

No matter how excellent the product is, you cannot feel safe and satisfaction without reliable maintenance.
Periodical boiler inspection by highly skilled experts is closely linked up with preventing troubles and extending boiler life.
We will move quickly to emergency trouble through our nationwide service network.
We provide customers with safety, carefree, highest efficiency boiler operation through our maintenance contracts.

Long term safe operation
Carefree use of customer’s boilers is secured by periodical inspection by our maintenance experts.
Budgeting for maintenance expense
The budgeting ensures reduction of unexpected expenses and enables scheduled maintenance and management.
Prolonging life of instruments.
Maintaining the best operating condition prolongs life of your boiler and instruments.
Priority maintenance work
We will visit contracted customers on a priority basis in case of trouble.
Three contracts according to customer’s needs.
You can choose the most appropriate maintenance contract out of three – “Full maintenance contract”, “Standard maintenance contract”, and “Periodical inspection contract” according to your needs.
Trouble notification system (for full maintenance contract only)
When a trouble occurs, it will be automatically notified to our call center. This system enables us to take a quick move to the trouble.

Inspection items

  • Maintenance inspection (Furnace cleaning)
  • Automatic controller and safety device
  • Boiler operation and combustion status
  • Combustion system
  • Electrical circuit
  • Boiler body and its accessories

Substantial AFTER-SALES SUPPORT are ready to offer (list of our offer)

Maintenance work
Maintenance work
Various types of repair-work, parts replacement, overhaul, combustion optimization carried out swiftly by our professional trained engineers.
Maintenance inspection
Maintenance contracts
Our experienced and skillful engineers carry out inspection periodically to avoid malfunction or any troubles as preventive maintenance measure.
Periodical overhaul
Maintenance work for boiler inspection
Realizing & Securing optimized operation by our consistent maintenance work as per Hirakawa quality standard.
(Maintenance work, witness inspection and support , rebuilding, commissioning operation checkup, safety valve popping pressure test, retorquing)

Overhaul work
Periodical overhaul to all the items/instruments with your boiler.
(Burners, pumps, fans, gas-train device, control device, measuring instrument etc)
Diagnosis on energy saving, proposal for energy saving and its relevant construction work
Maintenance contracts
Our experienced and skillful engineers carry out inspection periodically to avoid malfunction or any troubles as preventive maintenance measure.

Boiler Remote Maintenance System (BRMS)
Your boilers are connected to our computer via telecommunication cables. The system can monitor operation conditions at very real time and alarm for taking action when in troubles.
Diagnosis of boiler equipment life
Preventive measure by life cycle assessment
Renewal of boiler, update to auxiliaries/accessories of boilers, replacement of fire-tube, stay-tube, refractory, wiring and piping.
Construction work for boiler
Remodeling, repair work, refitting, etc.
Water treatment
Hirakawa made chemicals
We select the most suitable chemical based on our rich water-treatment experience in order to keep the most adequate water-quality for specific boiler working with our water-analysis center.

Equipment for water treatment
We offer overall-equipment for water-treatment alongside of boilers.


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